Ready for a quick response wherever you are!

Dynamat is recognized for holding the largest inventory of blasting mats on the market. Always ready for an immediate response to the urgent needs of our customers, we make sure we always have an extensive inventory of our flagship mats on hand. This Dynamat advantage aligns itself with the values of the organization that treats its customers like kings.


Ready for fast delivery anywhere in the world

You have nothing to worry about, Dynamat takes care of everything!
Our turnkey delivery service includes delivery when and where you choose. Indeed, our capacity to produce 1 load of mats a day mixed with our inventory and our relationships with several carriers allow us to ensure the delivery of each of your orders in times.

Recycling Used Mats

Based on its environmental values, Dynamat offers a used mats recycling service that allows our customers to get rid of their mats in an eco-friendly way. Indeed, the life cycle of tires does not end with blasting mats or marine fenders, this is why Dynamat has been working for several years to find a solution to the problems of your used mats. No matter how many mats you want to get rid of, Dynamat takes care of the transport of the products so our customers can concentrate on their activities without worrying about what happens with their waste. In this way our customers can have their head clear and we can too because we are certain that the planet is protected.

Traditional Blasting Mats, Ultramats Blasting Mats, Marine Fenders and Sidewalls