Best protection on the corners of the docks
Curtain design that increases the protection surface
Salted water resistant
Stable installation for the best protection
Rustic but strong!

Since no boat or mooring structure is the same, our marine bumpers are all custom-made according to demand. Our team manufactures fenders to suit your size in sizes of 2 x 10 feet. (0.61 x 3.05 m) to 16 x 28 feet. (4.88 x 8.53m.). This flexibility in the manufacturing process is unique to Dynamat.


Total protection of your investments

Dynamat’s fenders are designed like armor to mold perfectly to your equipment. It is very easy for an approaching ship to seriously damage a barge or a dock when using single tires. These breakages are too often translated by long and costly repairs. The use of Dynamat maritime bumpers will allow you to avoid large outlays. Complete protection that promotes maximum use of your equipment.



A unique process at Dynamat, the maritime bumpers are numbered individually which allows them to be easily traced and identified wherever they are, on a dredging project or in a port. A Dynamat advantage!

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