People you can rely on

There’s only one thing that rivals the reliability of our products and that’s the reliability of our team. People focused on a job well-done and eager to meet our clients’ expectations. Steeped in our corporate culture, all the members of the Dynamat team are experts in their specific fields as well as in the production of items of superior quality whose reliability has made Dynamat America’s leading manufacturer of blasting mats.


Always ready to serve you better, our team aims for excellence in the quality of products and the service it offers to our customers.



Since 1963, Dynamat inc. is the biggest Blasting Mats manufacturer in North America. Always moving forward, we are constantly reaching new heights. First known under the name of Caoutchouc Québec Inc., the company has been manufacturing Blasting Mats made out of recycled car tires ever since then. In 1991, the new corporate name, Dynamat Inc, appeared on the scene and, at that time, the company chose to concentrate exclusively on producing Traditional Blasting Mats and Marine Fenders. In March 2020 Dynamat acquired Best Blasting Mats out in Sturgeon Falls, ON and is now offering Treadmats Blasting Mats to allow its customers to have access to both type of mats. Dynamat’s history has been, and will continue to be, one of success.


Our corporate culture is one of inseparable values that guide all our actions.

We strongly encourage integrity and honesty

How to base a relationship, as much business as personal, towards our customers without these two values? At the base of our business strategy, all our decisions are based on these two principles. Transparency towards ourselves and our customers will always be a priority for our team.

Our clients are the kings and we are at their service

Our customers have always been our first priority, whether it be the quality of our products or our service, we want to show our customers that they are the heart and soul of the company.

We believe in the strength of teamwork

Every day our team proves to the world that the greatness of a group is seen in its success and its cohesion and not in its number. We are proof that a small troop can defeat all of its opponents regardless of their size.


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Michael Jordan

The environment is at the very foundation of the company’s creation

Indeed, if all the other values explain our success, our environmental values explain our existence. Without this desire to make our world a healthier world, Dynamat would never have seen the light of day. At Dynamat, recycling is at the heart of our corporate culture. Avant-garde, its leaders have decades of experience in this field.


Our concern for the protection of the environment guides all our actions. It is with enthusiasm that we put our expertise to good use by recycling automobile tires, our raw material. We have been an accredited recycler since 1996, since the launch of the end-of-life tire management program put in place by Recyc-Québec. Since then, we have been instrumental in emptying Quebec’s tire dumps.


Driven by a passion for the past 50 years, we value innovation and recycling to create solutions for the future.

Traditional Blasting Mats, Ultramats Blasting Mats, Marine Fenders and Sidewalls