Blasting Mats Dynamat is the leading producer of Traditional Blasting Mats in North America. Marine Fenders Dynamat also produces Marine Fenders out of recycled tires. ULTRAMAT Dynamat acquired Best Blasting Mats and now offers Ultramats made out of truck tire treads.

About Us

Since 1963, Dynamat inc. is the biggest Blasting Mats manufacturer in North America. Always moving forward, we are constantly reaching new heights. First known under the name of Caoutchouc Québec Inc., the company has been manufacturing Blasting Mats made out of recycled car tires ever since then. In 1991, the new corporate name, Dynamat Inc, appeared on the scene and, at that time, the company chose to concentrate exclusively on producing Traditional Blasting Mats and Marine Fenders. In March 2020 Dynamat acquired Best Blasting Mats out in Sturgeon Falls, ON and is now offering Treadmats Blasting Mats to allow its customers to have access to both type of mats. Dynamat’s history has been, and will continue to be, one of success.

Our Flagship Products

Traditional Blasting Mats

Our Traditional Blasting Mats are produced in Laval, QC using car tires. Woven on steel cable using an automated production line, these blasting mats are the best solution to protect from flyrocks. Each mat is inspected to make sure that they always offer the same highly effective protection. Dynamat offers the biggest production capacity on the market which allow us to have 1 load of Traditional Blasting Mats ready to ship every day.

Ultramats Blasting Mats

Our Ultramats Blasting Mats are produced in Sturgeon Falls, ON with semi-truck (MT) tire treads. Heavier than the Traditional Blasting Mats, these mats keep everything in place. Tightly secured together with an hydraulic press set at 2,000 psi, the Ultramats Blasting Mats offer excellent blast cover over large construction projects – highway, pipelines, quarries. These mats can also be used as temporary road mats for large mobile forestry, oil, construction or mining equipment operationg in rugged, unstable ground and sensitive environment landscapes.

Marine Fenders

Since no boat or mooring structure is the same, our marine bumpers are all custom-made according to demand. Our team manufactures fenders to suit your size. Made out of recycled car tires and produced on a 0 waste production line, our Marine Fenders offer a perfect solution for the Marine Insdustry that is working on getting greener every day. Our Fenders are extremely solid and made with galvanized steel and many rings to make sure that they stay still for the long run.


Dynamat is in business with the biggest recyclers in North America to offer you the best service when the time comes to get rid of your old mats.


Don’t fret over transport. Dynamat is in business with a variety of transporters in order to get you the most efficient pricing for your needs.

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