Superior Quality Sidewalls

Our Tread Tire Sidewalls can be used in the Farming Market for holding down large tarps or as ballast for traffic cones. We offer two sizes of Sidewalls, the normal and large ones that we bundle in packs of 30 and 25. A normal truck can carry out to 2 880 Sidewalls. They are made out of radial truck tires and offer an easy to use product that can be use for a lot of application.


Our plant in Sturgeon Falls is as the capacity to produce over 400 000 sidewalls/year. All Sidewalls are perfectly cut, and we have a quality control supervisor that inspect every unit that we produce. You can either send your own transport to pick them up or our Sales Team can take care of finding the most efficient freight for you.

Traditional Blasting Mats, Ultramats Blasting Mats, Marine Fenders and Sidewalls